Judith Goodman

Assisfanf Dean, Admissions and

Student Services University of Michigan School of Business Administration

WE'RE LOOKING FOR A CLEAR, concise response. We're also looking for appropriate or correct English, good writing skills, and some indication of focus in career objective. We do not want to bring in someone who doesn't know yet what he or she wants to do. If the applicant is not sure if the next step should be the MBA degree, then that needs to be given careful consideration before he or she becomes a really viable candidate for the program.

Whatever the person wants to say in the essay is up to him or her. Wc bring individuals in, the class is heterogeneous; we're not looking for everyone to fit in the same mold.

Whatever the question is. we want to see that they've thought the answer through and that it makes sense in terms of the way they've stated it. They need to understand what the MBA. can do for them and maybe what it cannot do as well.

Typical mistakes are technical or grammatical errors. Some of these we can forgive because some of them are typos. I think sometimes the individual is not as concise as he or she should be; sometimes, however, they're too short in their response.

A person should plan to have enough time because it is usually a difficult process. You do need to feel motivated and creative when you sit down to write or at least jot down some ideas. So, if you allow enough time, you can begin your thought process, make an outline, jot down ideas, come back to it, rewrite, and get it into what you think is the final form. It might not be a bad idea to have someone who knows you read the essays to see if they make sense. Then, if something is really askew in the thought process, you can try to clarify it. And critique it yourself for good grammar and structure.

If there is quick agreement, only two to three people will read each essay. If there is disagreement, then the entire committee would get involved, which means a total of four or five.

Joyce P. Curll

Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid Harvard Law Schoo!

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