Several Years Ago I Was accepted into an MBA

program in my native New Zealand. However, I decided to postpone my graduate business education until a later date.

In the intervening years, I have used my law degree and background in accounting to fill a variety of management positions with a company with annual revenues exceeding $100 million.

Working for various subsidiaries of this firm, I have been involved in reorganizing financial systems, developing and implementing new management reporting systems, negotiating union contracts, and selecting and installing computer systems, as well as, more recently, straight management troubleshooting.

My work has been challenging, varied, and educational, and in my work environment I have been granted—and become accustomed to—a high degree of autonomy. I have grown both personally and professionally. I have also learned a good deal about myself as 1 have functioned in so many diverse situations. I have seen that 1 am self-confident, aggressive, and ambitious. I have successfully navigated the uncharted waters of a number of unstructured situations by relying on what proved to be strong analytical skills and organizational abilities.

Accomplishing many different kinds of tasks over the past eight years has led me to believe that I can do much more—in fact, achieve whatever goals I set—if only I persevere and continue constantly to learn and to grow.

Others probably perceive me as a directed, capable, energetic, and athletic person. (I have competed, with considerable success, in numerous tennis and swimming contests.) They may also perceive me as someone who at times can be impatient I have worked successfully with a wide range of individuals, but I hope that as 1 mature and learn 1 will become more of a leader.

What is most distinctive about me is that I have an international background, not only as a New Zealander but also as one who has worked extensively in Australia, Canada, Hawaii, and the continental United States. Furthermore, relying on my training as a lawyer, I have been deeply involved in litigation management. For the past three years, I have managed a number of high-rise building contract disputes involving protracted negotiations and the drafting of multiparty settlement agreements. As a result, I perhaps have a broader perspective than many others in terms of evaluating business decisions for their legal as well as economic ramifications.

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