A summary

By its very nature this must be written last. It should only be between 150 and 300 words (2 paragraphs) long, and include points in the cover letter.

An introduction. Use the introduction to establish the need for the research and the credibility of the researchers to do it. Include:

Background on the need to be addressed by the research Background on the researchers and their organisation (including degrees, titles and achievements)

A needs assessment. This section should answer these questions:

What is the need motivating the research? How is the research expected to meet the need? Why should you be the one to do the research? What are your qualifications for it?

Objectives. This section should answer these questions:

What is the goal of the research? What are the expected results?

What are the expected benefits and applications resulting from the research? How do the objectives meet the needs?

Methods. This section should answer these questions:

How will the research specifically be conducted? Justify the methods proposed. What is the time-frame for the research project? Justify the schedule proposed.

Pre-evaluation. This section should answer these questions:

* How will the project be evaluated? Internally or externally?

* What data will be gathered? How will it be gathered?

* What is the expected extended length of the project, beyond the scope of the immediate proposed funding?

* How will the results be disseminated?

Long-term financial plans. The answers in this section should be specific and detailed. This section should answer these questions:

* If the project extends beyond the length of the grant, how will it be funded?

* Will the project be able to be wholly or partially self-supporting?

Budget. This section should answer these questions:

What materials are needed for the project and what will they cost? This must be itemised, specific and detailed.

Personnel. This section should answer these questions:

* Who will be involved in the research, and why? (Be specific)

* What specifically are the duties and responsibilities of the researchers involved?

Appendices. Each appendix should be a separate section. Possible appendices include:

* Résumés of the researchers * References

* Board members of applying organisations, or body of researchers

* Charts of the organisation * Letters of support

* Applicable charts, graphs and tables * Applicable bibliographies

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