Are there any generalisations I should avoid

Yes. For example:

■ the 'sweeping' over-generalisation, in which you say something is true in every situation. Your statement may have some element of truth but cannot be treated as valid because there are so many exceptions and it is unsupported by evidence.

Boys are better at science at school than girls.

■ expressing your own viewpoint as if it were a generally accepted truth

X is obviously the most highly regarded physicist of his generation.

■ making non-statements that are either so obvious that they need not be stated or so vague that they have no real meaning.

After recognising problems with the solar mirrors, we carried out some corrective procedures.

If this sentence stands alone without supporting information, it is far too general. It raises more questions than it answers: What were the problems with the mirrors? How many mirrors were involved? What precisely were the corrective procedures taken?

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