Cause and effect

Words and phrases for expressing cause and effect are necessary for linking the different parts of a text. They are used to establish a logical connection between facts. This connecting function may be expressed by conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs, verbs and/or nouns.

The most common phrases for introducing cause are:

* due to, owing to, because of, resulting from

* be caused by, spark off, give rise to, provoke, generate, bring about, stem from, arise out of, originate from, result from, enable

* cause of, reason for, purpose of, with the aim of

* since, for, because

Effect may be expressed by:

* hence, thus, consequently, as a consequence, as a result, therefore, that is why, eventually, so, finally

* result in, lead to, produce

* the result of, the consequence of_

Example sentences:

Owing to a shortage in food supply, large amounts of wheat had to be imported._

The accident was caused by the icy conditions and not by any technical defects._

This is done so that they are compatible in the statistical mean with expressions for the axis values of..._

We therefore propose a methodological approach on the basis of ISO 14040 "Life Cycle


The result of these calculations will be a balance sheet of mass and energy flows in tabular form.

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