Contrasting ideas

Useful phrases include the following. See also Section 4.3 Comparing and Contrasting

* although, despite, in spite of

* but, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, yet

* on the contrary, by comparison, by contrast, in contrast to, on the one hand...on the other hand

* instead, alternatively, conversely, whereas_

Example sentences:

Motivated by the advantages and the adaptive potential of the dynamic modelling procedures on the one hand and by the problem of .on the other hand, the present paper proposes.

Though this additional flow-dependent input is required, it is, however, available._

Despite some critical assessment of this testing methodology and despite the need for further research work._

The thickness shear motions are polarized in two orthogonal planes in this case so that the concept of generalized shear planes is not tested here. Nevertheless, the results provide a benchmark for comparison of profiles with the absence of polarized motions._

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