Elements in a title

In technical and scientific writing the title is a precise description of the contents. It should include specific words to indicate the following:

■ the topic, that is, the main, general subject you are writing about

■ the focus, that is, a detailed narrowing down of the topic into the particular, limited area of your research

■ optionally, for a scientific article, the purpose of your writing. This means including a word such as the following, which tells the reader what kind of argumentation to expect:

An analysis of ...

An assessment of ...

A comparison of ...

A description of ...

A discussion of ..

An evaluation of ...

An explanation of ...

An outline of ...

Some sample titles:




An analysis of

carp culture management

as a tool for Mexican crayfish conservation.

An overview of

nutritional needs

before, during and after an endurance event.

A discussion of

genetic engineering technology

and its effects on the environment.

An evaluation of

sewage treatment

as a tool in environmental protection.

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