In what different ways can things be compared Similarity

When you want to emphasise the similarity between two things, you can use the following sentence patterns:



(about /almost /roughly /essentially the same as



similar to

should be


equal to

no different from

can be

compared directly to

A and B



in every respect

the same

in most respects


in that...


Some example sentences

Some example sentences

The characteristic feature of the totality of natural numbers, ..., is logically equivalent to the principle of mathematical induction.

A point set in S in the plane is called bounded if For a point set in space the definition is similar, we

By way of analogy, the ALU may be thought of as a super adding-machine.

We define an accumulation point of S in exactly the same way as we did for point set on the line.

Sweden, like Finland, has very large resources of timber.

The following linking words and phrases may also be used to express similarity:

like ...; as well as ...; both ... and ...; just as ...; In the same way, ... Similarly, ...

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