Points to check in your own writing In the introduction to an article

■ Topic - have you made it clear to the reader what the topic of the paper is?

■ Have you captured the reader's interest by using a 'hook'?

■ Thesis statement - does the reader clearly know the thrust of your argument? Is it stated clearly in one precise sentence?

■ Does the introduction effectively introduce the rest of the article? If not, rewrite it.

In the introduction to a research paper

■ Have you stated the topic and the purpose of the research?

■ Have you expressed your hypothesis or thesis statement clearly, concisely and precisely?

■ Have you eliminated everything, such as anecdotes and illustrations, not specifically to do with the topic.

■ Have you given enough background information or reviewed all the pertinent literature?

■ Have you expressed everything as succinctly and briefly as you can?

■ Finally, after finishing the whole paper, review your introduction. Is it in the right style and tone for the rest of the paper?

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