Points to check in your own writing

■ How many quotations have I used?

■ Would indirect quotation (paraphrase) be better than direct quotation in some cases?

■ How long are my quotations?

■ Are all my quotations relevant?

■ Are they all well structured grammatically into the sentence?

■ Is the punctuation accurate?

■ Are they all properly referenced?

Chapter 5




Adverbs are words that modify the meaning of another word or even a whole sentence. They do this by providing an answer to such questions as How ...? To what extent...? Where...? When...? How often ...? and In what manner ...?

A slightly non-planar crack is treated as being perturbed from perfectly planar reference crack.

To what extent... ?

The perturbation method we develop here applies to any crack geometries

Where ...?

Finally, the normalised dynamic stress intensity factors are presented in Figs.10 and 11.


Independently, using the same class as for material 1, we apply a different linear combination of all the nuclei of strain at the object point of material 2.

In what manner.?

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