Points to include in an introduction

In the introduction to an article you present your topic in general, then narrow the focus on the topic and make a clear thesis statement. Your thesis statement expresses the central idea of your paper. Everything else you write flows from this and depends on it. The thesis statement needs to be clear, and concisely and precisely stated.

Topic, Topic Sentence, Thesis, Hypothesis

These terms are all often associated with introductory paragraphs. They are different and not all are found in every type of paper.

It is the subject of the paper. Chemistry or Amino Acids, Biology or Aquatic Invertebrates could all be topics.

■ Topic sentence

It states the topic of the paragraph; in an introduction it states the topic of the paper. It is generally at the beginning of a paragraph.

A proposition phrased in a thesis statement. In the thesis statement the whole of what the writer is arguing is said in one clear and concise sentence.

■ Hypothesis

A conjecture, a tentative or working theory, proposition or explanation used as a premise for reasoning, argument or investigation.

_**A hypothesis proved false is as important as one proved true.**_

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