Research paper conclusions

In a research paper 'Conclusions' is a separate section, as is the Introduction. It is clearly labelled Conclusions, and follows the sections Methods and Materials, Results, and Discussion.

In most ways the Conclusion section of a research paper is easier to write than that of an essay or article. It must contain four straightforward elements:

■ Conclusions about the hypothesis posed in the introduction_

Did the hypothesis prove to be correct or incorrect? How? Why? How may the problem be re-hypothesized?

■ Results of the research - and their theoretical implications_

What did the research actually reveal? What was observed? Not only what do the findings indicate about the research done, but also what broader aspects might they reveal and explain?

■ Possible hypotheses raised by the results_

What questions do the results raise? What possible answers or explanations can be hypothesised?

■ Specific lines of additional research raised by the results_

At each step of the research new questions arose; how might they be answered or explained?

How these conclusions are presented depends on the research done and the demands of the Style sheet for the particular field.

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