The position of adverbial phrases

The most flexible elements in a sentence are the various kinds of adverbs and adverbial phrases. They are the most movable as they can occur at the start, in the middle or at the end.

With the star-shaped flyer plate, cracks are observed to have formed at the middle of each free edge of the sample._

Various numerical methods were recently developed for engineering problems._

■ The first element in the sentence attracts most attention. It is usually the subject but if another sentence element is to be emphasised, it comes first. (See Section 3.5 Emphasising). A comma is often used to separate this structure from the rest of the sentence (See Section 4.5 Punctuation).

In industry, large databases are maintained on manufacturing processes._

When purchasing a monitor, the number, or density, of pixels is a good guideline.

■ The position of the time reference at the beginning of the sentence does not necessarily mean that this structure is emphasized. The time reference can be used as a convenient introduction in order to avoid breaking the flow with too many interruptions.

This year again, our research group will introduce new methods developed within the project CZ 521896.

■ When the place reference comes first, the use of the passive can be used.

In a Dirichlet-type of problem, T is specified; T M and F M are computed from relative sizes and positions of the holes.

■ It is best to avoid using more than one adverbial phrase at the beginning of a sentence.

With respect to the base parametrization, three model types are included in this study.

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