The subject

■ With longer subjects, it is very important to keep together the words that form the subject.

The formulas for the uniaxial and hydrostatic stress-strain relationship given by Eqs. 49 and 50 are based on a model consisting of an infinite number of elastoplastic elements connected in parallel.

■ However, you should avoid overlong subjects. It is difficult for the reader to process a long structure without losing the sense of the sentence as a whole. In such cases, it is much better to re-formulate the sentence. One way of doing this is to turn the verb into a noun, which then forms the subject of the sentence. This new subject is short and the new verb, which is often in the passive, is introduced as early as possible and is not left dangling at the end of the sentence.

overlong subject

In this article, the results of the studies into the role of different parts of the society in applying several types of economic incentives for waste management are summarised.

improved sentence

In this article, a summary is given of the results of studies into the role of different parts of society in applying various types of economic incentives for waste management.

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