What language can I use for real definitions

Real definitions include these functions: ■ Defining an object



B = (noun with attribute)

is equal to

(noun without attribute)


(noun + genitive)

is equivalent to

(noun + preposition + object)

corresponds to

is said to be

may be said to be

By A

is meant

we mean

Geometry may be said to be a study of the properties of geometric figures. By a set of real numbers we mean an aggregate or class of numbers.

■ Defining an object by assigning it to a category and specifying it



B + specification:



(relative clause)

may be


(prepositional phrase)

thought of as

(to + infinitive)

referred to as

participle clause (-ing / -ed)

defined as

participle clause + to infinitive / for + gerund

By A

is meant

we mean

Example sentences:

A pyrometer is an instrument for measuring high temperatures.

Milling is a machining process in which a rotary cutter equipped with a number of teeth is rotated rapidly while the work is fed under it.

Roughly speaking, a surface is a configuration of points having a two-dimensional character. Brittleness may be defined as the absence of the ability to deform plastically. A key is the information required to locate a record within a DASD file declared with the attribute DIRECT.

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