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These eBooks can teach you how magic is something that you can easily learn on your own, at your own home. What if you had the ability to cast powerful love spells that could cause anyone to fall in love with you, or get your ex back? What if you had the power to cast spells to cause you to win the lottery or attract all the money you could ever want? What if you could cast spells to protect yourself, become a vampire, give yourself superhuman beauty, or heal yourself or anyone you know? Crystal Whitestone is a High White Witch that has learned the most powerful magic from the best mentors all over the world. Magic is real, and anyone who does not believe believes that at their peril. This set of books can teach even those who do not believe in magic to learn to cast powerful spells. The world can be yours. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this manual, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I bought a copy myself to figure out what all the fuss was about.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Run the spell checker but dont rely on it

You know that the spell checker on your computer is only checking each word against its internal dictionaries. If the word is in the dictionary, the spell checker will accept it, regardless of whether it's the right word in the right place. (If you've ever typed now when you meant not or our when you meant out, you know what I mean.) If the word is not in the dictionary, the spell checker will reject it, even if it's the right word in the right place. (On my own computer, of course, I've added my name to the dictionary but if you try it on yours, the spell checker will probably want to turn Redish into reddish or radish. ) Blindly accepting the spell checker's suggestions can be very embarrassing. Even if you agree with the spell checker that you spelled a word wrong, don't just click on the spell checker's first suggestion. Look at all the suggestions carefully to find the one you meant to write. It can be equally embarrassing to assume that the spell checker caught all the errors in...

Orthography And Punctuation

It's the punctilious attention to detail, in a time when nobody even bothers to get the spelling of your name right. Holly Brubach The spelling of English is erratic and often illogical. Thus, for a non-native speaker of English, correct spelling is difficult to learn and requires constant reading of English-language material and intensive study of the subject. Words in medical, scientific, and technical texts must be spelled correctly (see also 2.3, The BASO Pyramid of Scientific Writing). Erroneous spelling is a mark of illiteracy or at least carelessness. Even if we accept that good spelling may be a talent not every good scientist can call his or her own, there is no justification for spelling deficiencies. Can the spell checker on your computer help Modern tools have made it possible to screen texts for spelling mistakes and language inconsistencies, but there are clear limitations. Many words used erroneously in a specific context may escape the spell checker because the faulty...

The Magic Of Identification The Greatest Trick Of

The novelist is a sort of magician, weaving a spell over the reader. To weave the spell, the novelist uses the magic called identification. You can kill the spell of identification just as easily as you can create it if you lose the readers' sympathy for the character. You can lose reader sympathy by having your character commit acts of cruelty to another character with whom the readers identify more strongly or for whom they have strong sympathy. You can lose reader sympathy by having the character make dumb choices acting at less than maximum capacity. The idiot in the horror story who responds to creepy noises by going into the attic armed only with a candle is an example. You can lose reader sympathy when a character seems too ordinary, is stereotyped, or doesn't struggle hard enough. The reader wants to cheer a fighter, not witness a milquetoast wallowing in, say, self-

Tautology Repeated And Redundantwords

Tautology is the repetition of words with similar meaning, often disguised and always undetected by the spell checker. Avoiding tautologies is an important measure to keep scientific texts as lean as possible. Moreover, needless repetition of the same sense in different words confuses the reader.

Using A Database Published After Ce

Writers of science must realize the value of checking on the age of their language database, whether in a book or on a computer. Many of the spell-check programs in use today fail to recognize changes in language which have been in place for years. Dictionaries on CD-ROM or on our desks are misleading if they are more than a few years old. Certainly those published before 2000 CE are no longer sufficiently helpful.

Acting the part

Take top hat and tails from the above list. They have a seemingly magical effect on their wearer so that men not exactly renowned for their sartorial elegance suddenly find themselves holding their shoulders back and their stomachs in. Perched at a jaunty angle on their heads, the top hat provides the perfect finishing touch, conveying both style and breeding.

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