Activity Fiftyfive Keeping a learning journal for one course

You may have been asked to keep some kind of learning journal for one or more of your courses. If you have not been assigned a learning journal, or if you want to try out a different way of keeping one, then we suggest you do so for a week as an experiment. As usual this activity will be more interesting if you work with a fellow student, so that you can discuss how it is going.

• Decide where you will write the journal - for example, in a book or a loose-leaf folder. This will depend on whether you intend to hand-write, word-process, or both.

• Think of the different activities connected with a particular course in the last week. These may include readings, seminars, lectures, discussions and using the Internet.

• Take a reading, lecture or discussion and consider what you remember from it, what difficulties it posed for you and what questions it raised.

• Write as if you are writing a note to yourself or a friend. Remember that the main reason for keeping a learning journal is to assist you in making your own sense of a course.

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