Activity Fiftyseven Reflecting on your experience of this book

Take a few moments to think back over this book. It is unlikely that you have simply read it through from beginning to end, so you may want to choose one particular topic, chapter or approach. Write about your thoughts on what you have chosen, as if writing an entry for a learning journal. Now read over what you have written. Underline three or four words or phrases that seem significant to you. Write about each of these in turn for a few minutes. Now look over what you have written and try to sum up something that you have learnt from the book that you could say to another person.

This activity should help you to start to organize and elaborate your ideas, and to get a sense of what is useful for you in the book at this moment. Thinking back on the whole book should also help you to recall and perhaps reuse some of its ideas. This kind of reflection is typical of the use of learning journals, and the activity is another example of how you can use writing to learn. Whatever type of writing for university you have to do, we hope that the range of ideas and strategies we have suggested will help you to tackle different kinds of assignments with greater confidence and understanding. Remember that writing is an integral part of the process of learning at university. As you develop your understanding of what you have to do, you will find it easier to write for the range of courses and subject areas that you will encounter during your studies. In the process, you will learn to adapt yourself as a writer to writing at university.

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