Activity Fiftytwo Thinking about diaries

There are many different kinds of learning journal but they can all be compared to a personal diary. Most people who have kept a personal diary find that a learning journal is different, because the subject matter and situation is different, but there are also similarities.

Have you ever kept a diary of any kind? Make notes on what it was, why you kept it, who was the intended reader and what you gained from it.

Many students find that keeping some kind of learning journal helps their study, and they also enjoy writing it. We hope that the rest of this chapter will explain why, and give you some ideas about how to write one. If you are on a course that requires you to keep a learning journal, you will probably be given guidelines for it. In this case, you might use this chapter to think more fully about what writing a journal involves. We suggest a number of activities connected with writing learning journals and give examples of what students have written. As you read these examples and try out the activities, use them to build up a picture of what makes learning journals a distinctive form of writing.

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