Activity Fortyfive Learning from feedback

Look at the feedback that you have received on one of your assignments. Try to identify the comments that deal with this particular assignment and those that are more generalizable to future assignments. Which comments would help you for next time?

You will remember that in Chapter 3 we talked about writing for different disciplines; you will probably find that the kinds of feedback and the emphasis given to particular areas vary between your courses. Feedback from one course may not help you if your next piece of writing is in a different subject area. If possible, discuss this with the tutor or lecturer teaching your new course before you begin your written work. You need to establish if there are any criteria for writing which are specific to the new course and which you may not have come across before in your previous studies. Increasingly, students are given guidelines for writing assignments and 'criteria' statements as to what would make the assignment effective. Again, if you are able to follow these it should help you to get a good mark. However, this is not always as easy as it might seem, because such 'advice' can seem too prescriptive and not sufficiently in line with what you are trying to do to be useful. All the same, take good note of such guidance and use it as you can. If there are no such guidelines and you are embarking on a new course in an unfamiliar subject area, then, as we have said, it is probably worth asking your tutor what they will be looking for in your written work, so that you have some idea of what to attend to when you are writing.

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