Activity Ten Analysing your own assignment title

Choose a written assignment that you are about to start working on and write the title at the top of a blank piece of A4 paper. Work through the five points above. Use the examples as a guide if you need to. Remember that ultimately it is your analysis and understanding of the title that counts when you come to write.

1. Write down in your own words what you think the assignment is asking you to do.

2. What do you already know about the subject matter of the assignment?

3. What do you need to know to help you to complete this assignment?

4. How do you think this assignment differs from or is similar to other assignments that you are working on at the moment?

5. How are you going to choose your reading material?

From the analysis you have done it can be helpful to make a spider diagram, maybe one for each section. Then this can give you an overall plan and you can see what bits are missing and how you need to fill these gaps before you can reasonably start writing.

At the end of this activity you should have learnt how to unpack the title and work on any kind of written assignment that you come across during your studies. Although we have called this activity 'Analysing your own assignment title' it is a technique that can usefully be used at any time throughout the writing process. It is a good idea, as a check, after you have done your reading and before you start writing, to go through this exercise quickly again. Use the activity as you write to help you to focus your ideas and to make sure that you are answering the question that you have actually been set rather than the one you would like to answer! You can use these points to keep you focused on the title that you are addressing, and also to help you see where and how you may need to adapt your writing while you are writing. As you become a more experienced academic writer, you will find that it takes you less and less time to go through this process and you will fairly quickly be able to work out what you are doing with each piece of writing.

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