Activity Twentyfive Looking at your sources

Take an example of one or two of your own written assignments. (If this is your first term at university you may need to use something you wrote and had assessed before you came to university.)

Now make a list of all the different types of resources you have used in these assignments.

Do you know how to cite these different sources in your assignment writing?

These are some of the sources that we have seen students and academics using. How many of these have you listed?

Books Articles Book chapters Government reports Newspaper reports Other kinds of reports Internet sources

Online journals (without a print version)

Online versions of print journals (usually a downloadable pdf document that can then be treated as hard copy)

Articles found online (not in journals)

Websites of organizations and private individuals


Forums, chats, discussion boards, list servs Lectures

Personal correspondence (e.g. email, personal communication with your tutor)

If you feel unsure about how to reference any of these sources, then you should pay close attention to any guidance that you have been given by your department or the university more generally. You can also ask your tutor or look at some of the websites we list at the end of this book. We discuss some examples of ways of referencing below.

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