Activity Twentyseven Which of the following would you regard as plagiarism

• Using a direct quote without making the source clear.

• Paraphrasing or summarizing what you have read and not indicating the citation to the original source of your ideas.

• Cutting from a source document and pasting it into your own work without making citation to the original source.

• Changing a few words around in the original source and then using it in your work without indicating where the idea came from.

As you have probably guessed all these would be regarded as plagiarism because in all cases you have attempted to pass off the authored words of others as your own. We are not interested in discussing willful plagiarism here, what some people actually call cheating. You know yourself if you are consciously trying to pass off work which is not your own in order to get a better mark than you deserve from the efforts that you personally have put into an assignment. You know if you have copied and pasted something you found on the Internet and made a few changes to the text to make it seem a bit different from the original and look like your own work. The discussion which follows is concerned with avoiding inadvertent plagiarism and how you can most effectively use the work you have read in order to support and develop a coherent argument of your own.

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