Activity Twentysix Learning about citation

Search the Internet for relevant websites which give guidance on citation and referencing for university writing. Choose three different websites. On each one follow the relevant links to find out about citing 'reports'.

Compare the differences and similarities between the advice given on each different site. Now make a record of the key elements that you think should be present when citing reports and in what order they should generally appear.

When we did this task we found the key elements, which frequently appeared in this order, were:

• name of institution

• volume and numbering.

Now repeat the same task for the following:

• journals taken from an electronic source

• citing from lectures

• citing personal communication

• citing secondary sources

• other sources you have used/or are likely to use in an assignment which you are unsure about referencing.

Remember to keep a record of the websites you have visited when you have finished so that you can return to them again if necessary.

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