Analytic reading

This is less concerned with reading to fit together with what you know already than with analysing what you are reading as you go along. Again, this is an integral part of the strategy that you will need to adopt to read successfully for your writing. To make the most of analytic reading, these are the sorts of question that you will need to be asking:

• How does the author introduce the text?

• Does she spell out what she is going to talk about?

• What do you think that this author is saying?

• Is the author assuming that you have a particular background knowledge?

• Can you pick out the central thesis or idea of the chapter, book or article?

• Can you understand the different parts of the text and how they all fit together?

• What sort of evidence does the author use to support her argument?

• Does her argument seem biased or one-sided in any way?

• Does her argument seem logical?

• Can you pick out the themes that she uses to support her argument?

• Does her conclusion follow from what she has said or are there some new ideas here?

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