Authority and reliability

Does this person seem to be a reliable authority? What organization do they belong to? What have they published? What kinds of sites do the links on the page take you to? Asking questions like these helps you to get a feel for the kind of person who is responsible for a web page. This helps you to make a judgement about whether you should trust the information. People often make links from their own web pages to relevant organizations, groups or discussion lists. Following the links from a web page can often give you some idea about the standing of its author in the wider academic or professional community. Do the links on the page take you forwards or backwards to authoritative bodies? For example, following links to 'Home', which you will normally find on any web page, may take you to the home page of a prestigious university, or to the home page of a commercial company. This will help you to decide how far you can trust this site and how appropriate it is to use it as a resource.

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