Causeeffect writing

Why did something happen? What were the consequences?

In practice you will not get far in recounting what happened without bringing in cause and effect, which relate events to each other. Take a simple example: the king died; the people rejoiced. For this to make sense we need to know why the people rejoiced (maybe he was a tyrant). However, the idea of a straight correlation between two events - that something is caused by something else -is often seen as a bit simplistic. All the same, cause and effect - 'what caused something' and/or 'what followed' - can still be an important way of representing a relationship. Of course, as soon as you start to consider 'why' or 'what followed', your thinking becomes complex. How do you know why? What else is involved? Again, you have to analyse many different factors, and usually the first 'why' leads to more questions.

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