Constructing your story

One way of thinking about developing an argument in your writing is to think of it as your 'story': What is your story? Do you have a clear storyline or plot? Using the notion of a story may not seem very academic, but we think that it gives a good indication of the 'feel' of developing an argument. It should help you to identify more clearly the process of construction that you have to go through to get to a written argument that feels complete for you. Your work as a student writer is to construct your story-argument so that it is convincing to the tutor/reader.

Argument as 'story'

• The story unfolds step by step.

• Selected ideas or events are linked together in an identifiable sequence.

• The reader is given a sense of direction as she reads.

• There is a sense of 'completion' to the whole piece, of it being 'rounded off'.

• There are some predictable patterns and conventions that the writer tries to follow and the reader expects.

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