In relation to Activity Twenty-nine (above) we have identified nine obvious writers in this extract, including all those authors cited as primary, secondary or personal sources: Whorf, Carroll, Pulham, Hargreaves, Chomsky, Hymes, Saussure, Cameron and the student writer herself. We were able to recognize the authors the student had drawn on because she made appropriate reference, either directly to their work, to the work of another author who had cited the original work, e.g. 'Whorf, cited in Carroll 1956', or to a personal source, e.g. Pulham, source unknown, quoted by D. Hargreaves in University of Wessex seminar.

We thought that this sentence was clearly the voice of the student:

Taken to its logical conclusion such a hypothesis would not allow the possibility of successful translation between languages, a suggestion that is clearly absurd.

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