Editing your work as an outsider

• Does the piece of work have a central idea? Is this idea apparent for the reader or do you have to 'search' for it? Is it clear enough for you to restate in a different way?

• Does the piece of work raise any questions that it does not answer?

• Is there a sense of an 'argument' developing?

• Do points - both within and beyond paragraphs - seem to follow logically?

• Does the whole piece hang together?

• Why is a particular bit of information in the piece? What work is it doing for expressing the ideas of the assignment? (For example, is there too much 'chronology writing' at the expense of analysis?)

• Can you understand what is written? If not, can you see why? Does the use of subject terminology seem clear and confident?

• Does the introduction seem helpful as a signpost to the whole piece?

• Does the ending in particular, as well as the piece as a whole, answer the question that has been set? How do you know? Has the writer referred to the question clearly and explicitly?

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