One of the ways in which you are likely to be communicating with your tutors and lecturers and with other students studying your courses is through email. Your tutor may set up email lists so that they can communicate with all their students on one course at the same time. They may also set up an email list for students to discuss course issues together. You can use these environments to explore your ideas and get feedback from others. They can help you to develop your thinking in much the same way as other kinds of exploratory writing. Even if your tutor does not set up lists to use in this way, you can still work together with other students to help and support each other with your learning, sharing ideas and discussing course issues online. Email exchanges are useful because you can go back and read them at a later date, whereas if you have a face-to-face discussion with a tutor or student you have no permanent record of it, and can easily forget what has been said. Because email creates a permanent record which you can refer to at a later date, it is a valuable medium for exploring course issues with fellow students, and for getting appropriate guidance from your tutor.

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