Example A tutorial presentation

What the student said about this:

When I have to give a tutorial presentation I always write it up beforehand. I wrote this in a very different way from other things I have to write. I tried to write it as if I was explaining something to people who knew nothing. With an essay I might say something in one or two sentences. But with a tutorial presentation you have to explain things a lot more and the same thing applies when you write it up so that you can hand it in. I tend to use the same explanation in the writing up as I do when I give the presentation. When writing an essay you assume a certain amount of knowledge from the person reading it but I would not do this for a tutorial presentation.

Extract from ancient history tutorial presentation:

In the course of his speech Pericles/Thucydides highlights the attributes of the Athenian way of life. He explains to his audience why Athens is such a great state and demonstrates this greatness through examples of the system of government and contrasts it with Sparta. He also praises the dead for their bravery and glory that they have won in the manner of their death, comforting the parents with the pride that they can have in this. The main part of the speech is an act of self-adulation in which the Athenian system of government is praised and described as:

• unique in the ancient world;

• poverty not a restriction;

• celebrates religious festivities;

• centre of the world - can get everything;

• militarily superior despite no training;

• uses wealth sensibly;

• citizens participate in public life;

• discuss before making decisions;

• generous city hence many friends;

• educator of Hellas - versatile citizens;


The student wrote up this presentation before the tutorial to use as her notes. Notice how she uses bullet points as a way of focusing on the key issues she is going to talk about.

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