Example An essay based on an interview

What the student said about this:

This was like an essay but it was based on an actual interview I had carried out. What I did was use the things that Andrew had said in the interview and link these to the theoretical things we had been studying on the course. So there were bits of quotes from the interview and then references to reading I had done which seemed relevant to what Andrew had told me about himself and his family in the interview.

Extract from an essay based on an interview: 'We 're all that hotch-potch': Negotiating identities as a Goan in Edinburgh:

Before discussing identity in depth we first need to discuss what it is. It is an ambiguous term because it involves notions of individuality and collectivity - difference and similarity (Byron 1996: 292; Guibernau and Rex 1997: 4; Jenkins 1996: 3). Each person has an individual unique identity of the self, yet people are identified in terms of groups. For example, Andrew identifies himself as Goan or Indian, as part of a state or a nation, yet he also identifies himself by the culture that he and his wife have created, something that is unique to them. In this sense their identities are multiple.


Here the student merges together her use of theoretical readings with reference to more empirical interview data. Used together both are crucial to the development of her argument.

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