Handing in your assignment

We have now come to the end of the process of writing your assignment. This will be the point when you will present your assignment to your tutor - and when it is no longer yours. You hand it over and are ready to get on with the next piece of work. At this point you have to accept that you have done the best you can in the time and with the resources available to you. You might bear in mind a piece of advice an artist once gave his pupil: 'Remember that the worst paintings of all are the ones you never paint.' It is not, in fact, quite the end of the matter - you will get some kind of feedback, and in the final part of this chapter we will be making suggestions about how to use that feedback. In some cases, depending on the practices in your university, you may not get your original piece of work back. For this reason and also because it has been known for students' work to get lost in the system, do keep a spare copy. You will need it for your own records, and you may also want to use your assignment for revising for exams later on. If you have put a lot of work into an assignment, finally handing it in can be rather a strange feeling. You may feel that you could have done better, or that you can't tell how it will be judged by your tutor. The fact that you are doing an assignment which will be graded affects your feelings about your work considerably. You may realize at this stage that what your tutor will say about the work will only partly depend on how much work you have put into the piece. Students vary enormously in the amount of time and effort they put into a piece of work and you may find that some assignments are done relatively quickly, while others take an unexpectedly long time to complete. We hope that this book helps you to make the best use of the time you spend in preparing an assignment by thinking about different parts of the process and by helping you to understand what is involved for you in writing. However, in the end how much time you spend on it will depend on many different factors, which you will need to work out for yourself as you gain experience of writing assignments.

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