Handwrite or wordprocess

Can you word-process a learning journal? There is no reason why you should not. In fact, seeing what you have written immediately, on screen or printed out, can give you the sense that your ideas are forming very quickly. However, many people find that writing a journal is easier to do by hand - that pen or pencil to paper is a more direct' way of getting ideas down fast. Many students and their tutors find it practical to have a notebook to hand for all kinds of exploratory writing, including notes, sketches and doodles. You might want to have one so that you can write in it at odd moments, not least during a class. On the other hand, if you have your own computer and can use it any time you want, starting to type can make you feel more 'work-like'. If you have a laptop you might find this is as good as pen and paper for jotting down your thoughts and notes. It is a good idea to try out various ways of recording your journal, to see what suits you best. Some students also enjoy taking care with how they present a learning journal, whether typed or hand-written, using illustrations, cuttings and interesting formats and layouts.

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