Making meaning through reading

It is you, the reader, who makes sense of what you read and the meaning that you will be able to make depends to some extent on how you are reading. We have already illustrated a method of 'global reading', and below we look at two more ways of 'making meaning through reading' and how you may use these when preparing for your assignments. There are likely to be different reasons for the reading you do for your studies at university. You may be reading as background to your course and seminars, to supplement and elaborate on what you have been taught. You may be reading around a subject that you are thinking of writing about but you feel that you need more information before you can decide if you will be confident in writing an assignment in this area. More commonly, you will be reading to complete a particular assignment.

We are concerned with the latter kind of reading in the two tasks that follow (although we hope that these strategies will be useful to you whatever the purpose of your reading).

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