• Writing for learning can be as important as writing for assessment.

• Don't forget, you can keep a learning journal even if it is not a requirement for your course.

• You might like to experiment with keeping your learning journal as a blog.

• Writing a learning journal involves a different kind of thinking from essay or report writing.

• Exploratory writing gives you the space for personal reflections on your academic courses.

• Reflective writing helps you relate theory to practice.

Further reading and some additional sources

If you are looking for additional resources to complement the discussions we have been having in this book, you will probably use the Internet as your first port of call. There is now a plethora of websites which provide guidance on academic writing. As with any resource these vary considerably, both in the depth and quality of the materials available. Many of the sites are linked to writing centres, and, since these tend to be common in the United States, you will find that online writing support is often linked to US universities. Although these are very useful you may need to exercise some caution in making sure that the advice applies to your local context, wherever in the world you are studying. We list below a few sites which we have found useful.

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