Psychology two students

I mostly think of argument when I write essays with the word 'discuss' in it. Then we are expected to take one side of the argument and provide relevant evidence and then take the other side of the argument. We are discouraged from writing about arguments in lab reports because it becomes too opinionated and it is merely meant to be a report and study of a specific experiment.

This student points out that 'argument' is only relevant in some situations. In others, it is a question of just reporting or sometimes 'explaining' rather than 'making a case'.

From my experience of reading psychological journals, much time is spent on replicating past studies and a means for validating or refuting past conclusions. These experimenters then use 'hard' evidence to strongly defend their personal perspectives and fight off arguments presented by other researchers within the similar field.

Here, argument is seen as a kind of contest between two opposing sides who have to be 'fought off', which is more like the everyday sense of the term.

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