Reflecting on practical work

A practical group project often requires students to keep a learning log or journal. This may have different sections, each written differently. In one example of a small fieldwork project, students first had to keep a record of their meetings and the decisions they made. They then had to write more personally about the experience of carrying out the study. Towards the end of the project they had to reflect on what they had learnt, in two ways: first, on how their practical work had helped them to understand more about the theory of fieldwork research that they had learnt at the beginning of the course; second, on what they had learnt about working in a group and how they had each contributed.

Here is one student's thoughts about group work:

I found the exchange of ideas, particularly at the beginning of the project, very productive. Also improving diplomacy skills - when to push an argument and when to accept someone else's idea instead of my own -was very useful. I did all of my report writing with another member of the group and we discussed what the important issues were and worked them into the text together.

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