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As we have emphasized before, all aspects of writing an assignment can take place at different points. This is equally true of reviewing it. You will certainly need to do this at the end of an assignment, but it is likely that you may well also do it before you reach this final stage. Writing takes place in a spiral mode where you keep going back almost to the same place. So, although we have said that 'reviewing' your work must take place towards the end of the process, in practice you will probably do it at different stages. Beware of spending time on a fine-tune edit before you have at least an overview of the whole piece.

As it is actually very difficult to see your work from the outside, we propose that you try to work with a fellow student at this stage. It will help both of you. Here is a checklist for reviewing your own work. Note that this checklist will be useful for reading someone else's work as well as reading your own as an outsider. Try therefore to work with someone else at this stage, carefully reading each other's work. It does not matter whether or not you have written on the same assignment. The questions below are mainly to find out whether the piece has presented an argument which hangs together around a central idea.

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