Summary writing

What does the writer say? What is this idea about?

You will sometimes be asked to write a summary and to give the gist of what an article or book is about as an exercise in its own right. You may also have to write briefly about what someone says, or about a particular position or way of thinking as part of your assignment. This is necessary because a lot of university writing is specifically about discussing what other authors have said about a topic. In this case, you will need to refer to just those points and ideas which are relevant to your particular assignment or a specific part of your argument within your assignment. Pointers to summarizing what an author says are given in Chapter 5. Here are some ways in to thinking about summarizing for a particular purpose:

• What is important about what this writer says for your assignment - why do you wish to include something about her/him?

• How do these ideas fit in with what I want to say?

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