The diver writer see Figure

For years I was confused about my writing because I simply could not carry out my teachers' instructions to 'make a plan' and they were always telling me that my essays should 'be more organized'. I found it very difficult to make an outline and then stick to it. My mind didn't seem to work that way. I always had to start writing and sometimes write quite a lot before I knew where I might be going. That meant I had to cut and do different drafts. Sometimes I would find that I had to start writing one section even if it was in the middle of the assignment, and then build up the whole thing slowly, in bits. In the end it worked out and now I seem to have found my own mix of a method.

This writer just plunges in to her work. She always finds that she has to do some writing before she knows what she wants to say and in order to find out. She might use practice writing (see Chapter 2) for this purpose. Only then can

Figure 6.1 The diver writer she begin to build up a plan. If she were the child building her house with bricks she would get started and see what kind of building emerged from how she moved around the bricks. She would start to 'just build' her house.

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