The grand plan writer see Figure

I spend a great deal of time reading and making notes - I try to absorb it all thoroughly. I have to read much more than I need. Then I think about it a lot. I can think as I'm doing other things. Finally, I just sit down and write it out in longhand and it's as though it has all come together in my inner mind. Sometimes I add an introduction once I have finished and I will

read the whole assignment through, but really I have never found I could write down a plan and my work hardly ever needs redrafting.

Figure 6.3 The grand plan writer

This is a writer who doesn't seem to make an outline at all: she has a 'grand plan' in her 'inner mind'. In fact, she must have a structure in her mind before she begins to write but she can't quite say what it is until she writes it down. Then it comes out nearly complete. The child builder with a grand plan would have a clear picture in her mind of the house she was going to build before she began and would build quickly without getting diverted.

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