Using written feedback

If your assignment is returned to you, it is a very good idea to review your work at that point. You may not feel like doing this because it now feels as if it is all in the past, but it is a good way to develop and build on what you have done. If you have not managed to talk with a fellow student before, try to do so now. Read each other's assignments and compare and discuss any comments you have received. This is also useful because it is not always easy to know what a tutor means. In order to understand written comments you often already have to have a feel for the conventions of the subject or of academic writing more generally. So, talking this over with other students will help. It can also be difficult to know what to do with the comments you receive. Some tutors can find it difficult to understand the problems that students have with writing, so that their advice is sometimes well intentioned but difficult to put into practice. Again, discuss this with another student or with your tutor.

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