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Some Thoughts On Thought

In the movie Alfie it was done for comic effect. Alfie turned and addressed the audience directly. It was clever, charming, and funny and worked well. The old Bogart detective movies used it and got away with it in their day, but by today's standards it seems stilted. The classic movie Sunset Boulevard had a fair amount of voice-over narration, although a case might be made that it succeeded in spite of rather than because of it. More recently, the movie American Beauty used it well. Maybe moviemakers will find a way to use more of it and use it effectively. Whether they do or not, it won't change things for the written story.

Get help with prepositions and prepositional phrases

Words such as to and from are prepositions they show the relations between other words. Not all languages use prepositions, and English differs from other languages in the way prepositions are used. Even native English speakers sometimes have trouble deciding which preposition to use. You may want to keep a list of prepositional phrases commonly used in your field. Textbooks and websites also can help. Rather than becoming frustrated, keep the big picture in mind. There is no easy solution to the challenge of using prepositions idiomatically in any language. Each of the most common prepositions has a wide range of different applications, and this range never coincides exactly from one language to another. For example, while Spanish uses one preposition (en) in all these sentences, English speakers say English speakers often use prepositions as little more than space-fillers see the section on hiccups in Chapter 5. These should be omitted.

The action or narrative paragraph that follows the slugline Example

The voice-over is indicated on the script by putting (V.O.) next to the character's name. Be warned, however - you may see it here, and I may have gotten six figures for this script, but many people LOATHE voice overs. If at all possible, try to get your characters talking to each other, instead of relying on a voice-over narration.

Forming Sentences Grammar

We may know much about the proper structuring of a paper and correct spelling of words, but this does not suffice to produce a compelling manuscript. Ultimately, the power of our text hinges on the competent use of the English language. If your native tongue does not happen to be English, using proper and powerful grammar may be more difficult, but even if you are a native English speaker, you may occasionally struggle with English grammar and its proper use in scientific writing. Sometimes, students of scientific writing point out that it is hardly worth their while to pay close attention to grammatical detail, knowing that few readers will appreciate their special effort and that most will have a language origin other than English. While there is some truth in this, I would argue that it is precisely for this very reason, i.e., just because many readers are non-native English speakers, that we owe it to the scientific community to write in a clear and unambiguous style. Remember...

The Art of Dancing with Change

Most native speakers of English consider they speak and write 'standard English', or 'the Queen's English', or at least 'good English'. However, even Welsh linguist, David Crystal, the world's most respected living authority on the English language, says 'standard English', the 'Queen's English', and 'good English' do not exist Not in dictionaries, not in books, not in people's mouths. Instead we all speak and write with regional differences. Each of these different dialogues are labeled by those who are educated and live in English-speaking countries as 'standard English', or 'the Queen's English', and, above all, 'good English'. The various species of English-speaking fish have always swum in such murky waters that it has never been possible to catch one and declare, 'This is a proper fish.'

The Mysterious Word

A frustrating aspect of understanding the use of 'the' is that children born to English-speaking parents have no difficulty with it by the time they enter school. Consequently, instruction is not given to them, nor is there sufficiently helpful instruction in grammar books. So we all leave school believing that the frequent and often beautiful use of 'the' in stories, newspapers, and poetry is the way to use 'the'. And then some of us become scientists and want to write in the style of science journals.

Repetition Redundancy

Note that a thesaurus is a dangerous source for finding an alternate word to use. English is both too subtle and too complex for a thesaurus to be a safe tool. Your only reliable information is in your spreadsheets and the articles you photocopied. If neither of these contain the vocabulary you seek, find other recent articles written by native English speakers, photocopy them, and add data from them to your spreadsheets.

Postscript Problems For Nonnative Speakers Of English

In my view, non-native writers of English are best aided in their writing by working with native speakers of English in their own discipline. Native speakers are more aware of the subtleties and nuances that might escape their non-native English speaking colleagues. There is a case, therefore, for more international collaboration and assistance when authors with different nationalities are involved. Fortunately, such assistance is much easier today via email and the Internet.

Finding Data For Your Model

The very international journals in which you desire to be published contain the data for your model. Although the editors of such journals are seldom willing to edit any of the English sent to them, you can use their expertise if you are clever. The recent research articles in their journals have passed their standards and await your analysis. All you need to do is to find articles written by native English speakers and published in recent international journals. In these articles you will find gold mines of excellent information about contemporary scientific English In them you can find excellent, up-to-date teachers who can be found nowhere else. Each issue in every well-known, international, English-speaking journal contains several research articles written by authors at least one of whom is a native English speaker. Each of these presents excellent information to use in your own writing. They lie before you, waiting for you to turn on your analytical skills. The friendly,...


Our speech is culturally, economically, and ethnically informed by our particular worlds. Good dialogue is attentive to these particularities. A schoolboy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, would not sound like a schoolboy from County Cork in Ireland. Neither boy, in all probability, would use the King's English. The boy from Louisiana might be Cajun, and speak English with liberal pepperings of French. Dialogue distinguishes a character's particularity.


Writing Introduction

Understanding process writing, the writing method used in most English-speaking university classes Non-native English speakers who enroll in a collcgc or university want to develop writing skills that will lead to academic success. This book ls a combination text and workbook. Its focused lessons, specific exercises, and ample opportunities for practice are designed to help your students gain confidence in writing academic prose. The Introduction presents proccss writing to students. The tasks in the main units are graded. Students first work on recognizing and identifying key writing structures from model paragraphs and essays. Then they manipulate the structures in short, manageable tasks. Finally, they apply the structures to their own writing. There are opportunities for students to work independently, with a partner, and with a group. The exercises can be done either in class or as homework. Critical thinking is emphasized, so that students become aware of the impact of their...

Soft Words

You need the very words and phrases you edit out when you write. You need them in your voice, not on your slides. You want some simple words to serve as 'softeners' 'smoothers' as you lead the audience from one slide to the next. Find these words by listening for them at conferences when you hear English speakers present. Figure 1 contains a list of some heard recently at an international conference. Listen for soft transitions when you hear English speakers at conferences. Choose the ones you like and make a list to add to your spreadsheets.


The modern trend is to eliminate hyphens except when using two words to form an adjective 'English-speaking person', 'panic-stricken person'. Old friends such as 'co-operation' 're-unification' have become 'cooperation' 'reunification', and even words originally considered too odd looking or hard to pronounce, such as 'reestablish', have become correct form. The modern trend is to combine old forms into single words.


Writing an abstract requires unusual cognitive and linguistic discipline. Excess words must be carefully eliminated until the ones that remain ring true to fellow scientists' brains and to English-speaking ears. The clarity of the words will determine First, whether others will read your work, and, second and perhaps even more important, if readers will accurately report its information to others.

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