Add a short description if people need it or rewrite the link

Sometimes, you can't get enough in the link itself to help people Also see the related discussion understand what they will get by clicking on it. In that case, you can and examples in Chapter 4 on add a short description with the link. Look again at the CNN Money adding short descriptions to links. page. Each link describing a fear has a short description explaining what the article is going to tell you is the real danger.

A short description may be the only way you can help site visitors

• understand what you mean by a program with a made-up name

• clarify the meaning of an obscure report or article title

• distinguish between similar links

Better solutions, however, might be to

• not use the made-up program name by itself as the link - see Guideline 1 earlier in this chapter

• give the report or article a title that is instantly clear to your site visitors - see Guideline 2 earlier in this chapter

• think about whether similar links mean you have redundant information - see Guideline 9 later in this chapter

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