Break down walls of words

Even with inverted pyramid style, keep your paragraphs short and use bulleted lists. Break up the text.

Walls are barriers. Large blocks of text that look like wall-to-wall words are barriers to web users. Very short paragraphs or bullet points work best.

If you are moving from writing for paper to writing on the web, think of the pieces you need as even smaller than what you would plan for a paper document. Each small topic needs its own heading. Each question and answer needs the question as a heading and the answer in short sentences or as a bulleted list.

Case Study 6-2 shows how breaking down walls of words increased business for an e-commerce company.

Case Study 6-2

Breaking down walls of words made the difference

When tried a variety of changes to their online form, the only change that made a significant difference was moving from paragraphs of text to a bulleted list. Here's how the original web form started:

Properly Stale | Please Choose Ona jJ The top of the old form is owned by Loanbright, an e-commerce company that helps mortgage companies get business.

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