Breaking up large documents

Most people come to the web for information, not for a complete document. They don't want the user manual; they want instructions for the task they are doing. They don't want the handbook; they want the answer to specific questions. They want usable, manageable pieces.

Weight Control ¡ui<l Diet

December 1001 WHAT IS OBESITY?

Stable weight depend; on an evert balance between titer©' intake from food arte energy expenditure Energy expenditure occurs diiwg the day si three ivtft

■ As energy expended 1rest1 basal metabolism } This accounts for about two-thirds of expended energy, which u generally used to mamtam body functions, such as mamtainina body temperature and muscle contractions tn the heart and intestine

• As energy used to metabolise food t ihtrmogentas). accountir\gFor at tut 10% of emended eneigy

• As energy expended dunig physical activity

When a person's caloric ntake exceed« his or her energy expenditure, the body stores the extra calories m flie for cells present ia adipose tissue TTiese adipose cells function as energy reservoirs, and they enlarge or contract depending on how people use this energy If people do not balance energy ciput and output by adopting healthy eating habits and regular exercise, then Eat builds up, and they may become overweight

Measurement of Obesity

Cbestty ts determined by measurement of body far, not merely body weight. People might be over the weight lane for normal f^S Few users realize that the ' J^J scroll bar tells them how long the page is.

f^S This is the beginning of a f ji \ very long document but it gives no clues about what other questions it answers.

This document takes 32 ^ j pages to print, but it does not tell you that.

Figure 5-1 A very long document does not work well on the web.

What would you do if you were looking for information on obesity and you came across the web document in Figure 5-1? Would you print it out even though it does not tell you how many pages it will take to print it? Would you read it all online, scrolling or paging down many, many times? Or would you decide to go elsewhere for your information, hoping to find something that gave you more clues up front about what topics about obesity it covers?

To present content on the web in the amount that most people want:

• Break large documents into topics and subtopics.

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