Coordinate when you have multiple similar links

This is a guideline about more than writing or rewriting links. It's a guideline about using links to understand and improve the content on your site.

Many organizations develop their web sites by allowing content owners in different departments to post information. If the same topic is covered in different departments, several explanations of the same topic may show up together as links on the web site. They may appear together on the same pathway page. They may all appear in search results.

Site visitors are likely to be confused. They would have to click on each of the links to know how the web pages are similar or different. What if the information in one contradicts the information in another?

As a first step, at least write short descriptions with the links to help people choose well. And then go beyond that. When you find that your site has several links that are hard to distinguish, don't just rewrite the links. Take the problem of similar links as the impetus to clean up the content. That probably requires collaboration - writers from different departments working together to produce consistent, coherent information for your web readers.

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