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^^ Create an account ^^ Name your blog ^^ Choose a template

Figure 9-13 A colorful enticement to start a blog.

✓""N Instructions work best as fjy numbered steps.

5. Use numbered lists for instructions 217

Always give instructions as a numbered list of the steps that people must do to complete the task. Figures 9-14 and 9-15, from eHow and, present numbered steps for instructions that are longer and more complex than the example.

C Oeai Instructions on Mow To Do (just a bo ul) Everything

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Homr * Home 6. Garden Center - mar f How to Remove Super Glue uJ e-mail This

oj print this

The instructions are in numbered steps.

Space between the steps makes each step easy to find and read.

Each instruction starts with an imperative verb, for example, "Dab..."

Tips are not steps. That's why they are bulleted, not numbered.

Superglue (cyanoacrylele) has many uses. Besides the typical household function of slicking things together, il's used in surgical procedures and even m crime labs to develop unseen llngerphnls. Original^ marketed as Eastman f9t D in 1958. this stuff is sneaky and it goes everywhere If you doni keep an eye on it

1 Clean up any glue that Is still wet try blotting llvrtlh a while 0aper towel or terry clolh IowbI

2. Soak the object In warm soap/water if possible and fry nibbing off as much as you can.

3. Pour a line hit of acetone-base naif pollen remover on a wtnie leiry cloth. ■ < Dab attfre dned glue unit it dissolves

5. Use extra line sandpaper to remove dried glue from the surface of an object B. Try a product called GortOfforZ'7 Debonder. jfctins:

4 Hold a folded white clottt on the bach of fabrics to keep the acetone from so afrrng ftrougb other laye rs.

Acetone may affect colors or men plastic fibers, suenas some rryior* nl Test rt on a hidden areafrsl.

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But the warnings come too late. They should be at the top. Many people will have done the steps before seeing the warnings.

Dont use solvents such as gasoline or paint thinner

The warnings may be below the fold; people who don't know to look for warnings may not scroll beyond the last step.

Figure 9-14 eHow uses numbered lists to give step-by-step instructions.

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This numbered list of steps ' syj is also a tabl to the page.

is also a table of contents and use.

The step as a heading f matches exactly the step

Help > Ordering > Placing Your First Order Placing Your First Order

Placing an order with is easy. There's no need to create an account first. You automically create an account whan you place your first order online. (We cannot accept orders by phone, fax, ore-mail. All orders must be placed online.)

Here are the steps you heed to follow to place an order. If you have any problems when following these steps, please read our Troubleshooting Tips.

Each step starts with a verb ' ^s) in the imperative, and that makes them easy to scan

1. Find the items you want

2. Add the Items to Your Shopping Cart

3. Proceed to Checkout

4. Sion In

5. Enter a Shipping Address

6. Choose a Shipping Method

7- Provide a Pa.sswp.nj and P^y,m^nt;.ln.fQ.r.m.^o,ri

8. Review and ^Mbmit; Ytjgr grfler

9. Check Your Order status headings they become)

The list items (and the r*ii would be easier to read in sentence style with only one capital letter at the beginning.

Note: Some items offered on our Web site are fulfilled by Amazon Merchants or through Amazon Marketplace. Payment, shipping, and return policies may vary by type of order and by seller. The seller of each item in your order will be clearly noted on the View Shopping Cart page.

- 1. Find the Items You wont

First you will need to browse or search for the items you would like to order. Keyword search

The headings would be f * * 1 even better if they were closer to the text they cover - if they did not float in space.

Figure 9-15 Numbered steps help people understand processes as well as specific tasks.

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